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2017 Reading Challenge

Jill Elizabeth has read 2 books toward her goal of 150 books.

Book Review: Hoover by Kenneth Whyte

I love biographies, especially when they are about “private” people in the public eye. This was a much easier task to accomplish in Hoover’s time, but still… Hoover’s name is bandied about for a number of reasons (e.g., Hoovervilles, Hoover Dam), but once I began reading this very detailed and well-written book, I realized how […]

Book Reviews: The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost and The Case of the Deadly Doppelganger by Lucy Banks

Today I’d like to introduce you to a relatively new series by a very talented author, Lucy Banks. According to the blurb at the back of the books, Dr. Ribero’s Agency of the Supernatural series “unites the realm of the strange with the everyday world. It’s a place where chaotic spirits rub shoulders with businessmen, […]

Book Review: The Infinite Now by Mindy Tarquini

“The future was too large to fathom, the past too heavy to bear, the present always there and infinite, and none of it had any answers.”

If only this book hadn’t tried to be so many things…

The author is clearly very talented. There were many points in the book where I had to reread […]

Guest Post: Get a Book. Give a Book. Donates Books to Children in Haiti Courtesy of Authors Shane Trusz and Darryl Frayne

Today’s post is a guest piece to share information about a fantastic program to improve literacy in Haiti. As you read this, one of the lead authors involved in the program – Shane Trusz – is in Haiti, working on the ground to get things running. You can witness his progress and firsthand, by visiting […]

Book Review: Quakeland by Kathryn Miles

This was a seriously interesting – and seriously freaky – book. I live in the Northeast and have never given much thought to earthquakes before since I live (I thought) in a largely earthquake-free zone… After reading Kathryn Miles fascinating new book, I realize there’s no such thing – and it’s a bit horrifying, as […]



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