2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 6 books toward her goal of 240 books.

Book Review: The Tenant by Katrine Engberg

This one is fine. That’s it. Fine. There’s nothing wrong with it, but nothing jumped off the page as particularly right either… The characters, the setting, the pacing, the atmosphere – they were all, well, fine. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, I know – but on the other hand, I can’t say there was anything […]

Book Review AND Bonus Excerpt: A Beginning at the End by Mike Chen

This time it’s Harlequin’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Tour, and I’m pleased to bring you the latest from the exceptionally talented Mike Chen. The book wasn’t to my taste, as you’ll see (in point of fact, I never finished it), but he is a force to be reckoned with regardless, possessing as he […]

Guest Post: Your Checklist While Writing Suspense and Great Mystery Novels by Lorna Adekaiyaoja

Today I’m pleased to bring you a very interesting – and useful – post about writing mysteries from author Lorna Adekaiyaoja. Enjoy – and if you like her writing here, don’t forget to check out the actual novel, The Plea on Oath!

Your Checklist While Writing Suspense and Great Mystery Novels by Lorna Adekaiyaoja

It […]

My 2019 Year in Books

Hard to believe another year is over, but here is the summation of my 2019 year of reading – there were a LOT of excellent finds, most but not all highlighted on the blog, so if you’re curious what else I was up to when I wasn’t posting, check it out!

Click here to visit […]

Book Review AND Bonus Excerpt – First Cut by Judy Melinek, MD and T.J. Mitchell

Today I’m pleased to bring you another in the Harlequin Blog Tour series. This one is a dive into the dark and gruesome – but utterly fascinating – world of forensic medical examination. There’s a bonus excerpt at the end – trust me when I say it’s worth the read!

Book Review

What a […]




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