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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 25 books toward her goal of 175 books.

Book Review: Tarnished City by Vic James

This is such an extraordinary series! I read the first book as an ARC last year, and was fortunate enough to win the GR giveaway for this installment and I can confidently report this book is as engaging, action- and surprising drama-packed, and wholly original as the first…

In this book, the world James has […]

Book Review: When a Stranger Comes… by Karen Bell

I really wanted to like this one a lot more than I did. To start, there’s the premise – fascinating (a mysterious lightning strike, a world turned upside down, fame and riches and evil all blended together, a writer whose creations seem to be coming to life). There’s the main characters – conceptually intriguing (I […]

It’s Time for the Laugh Awards (aka The Yullies)!

Today I’m sharing a plea – for recognition, for nominations, and above all for sharing the fabulousness that is laughter! – from the good folks at Your Laugh Line. Read on and don’t forget to make your nominations – and when you do, share them below in the comments, I can always use a great […]

Book Review: The Memory Detective by T.S. Nichols

I know, I know – it’s not EXACTLY a Valentine’s Day book, teehee, but it’s a GREAT read, so forgive me!

Everybody feels fear a little bit differently. Everyone feels love, joy, and sadness differently too, but it’s not quite like fear. Fear is primal. It’s like a fingerprint.

This was an EXCELLENT read. […]

Guest Post: Making 2018 Your Writing Year: Practice Self-Compassion by Stephanie Vanderslice, Author of The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Stephanie Vanderslice and her inspiring (and helpful!) memoir-cum-writers’-guide, The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life.

Many people dream of making money as a writer. In fact, I’m sure that the 81% of Americans who want to write a book also all want to be the next best-seller. […]



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