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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Interview: Rob Dircks, Author of One of My Favorite Series AND the New Title You’re Going to Mars!

Today I’m beyond pleased to bring you a LONG OVERDUE (sorry Rob!) interview with one of my favorite authors, Rob Dircks. You may recall having seen me gush like a schoolgirl about his Tesla series (Where The Hell is Tesla? and Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff!) last year. Well, Rob has a new book out […]

Book Review: Jack Gilmour: Wish Lawyer by Ed Ryder

This was a fun read, with a great set up that begs for more books… The idea of a lawyer who specializes in soul-selling contracts is hardly a stretch (I can make that joke, as a lawyer myself!), but surprisingly enough, it hasn’t been played out yet (that I’ve seen) and I found it a […]

Book Review: Hippie by Paulo Coelho

I LOVE Paulo Coelho’s lyrical narrative style (do a custom search for him on here, I’ve mentioned his books more than once). He paints such evocative pictures and has such a marvelous fluency with language. I was intrigued by this title and the opportunity to learn more directly about his life, but found the format […]

Book Review: The New Childhood by Jordan Shapiro

This was a very thoughtful and interesting take on parenting in the digital age and I quite enjoyed reading it – although after a while the chapters did feel a bit repetitive…

As the parent of a five-year old, I do struggle with screen time and competing ideas about allowing my daughter to explore […]

Book Review: High Heel by Summer Brennan

I have found these Object Lessons books from Bloomsbury intriguing yet somewhat uneven so far. This one, however, is without a doubt my favorite to date…

High heels are such an emblem of femininity – for good or ill – and their fetishization by men and women alike is a fascinating topic in and of […]




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