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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 25 books toward her goal of 175 books.

Interview: Marri Champié, Author of Silverhorn

Today I’m pleased to bring you a Q&A with Marri Champié, whose new book Silverhorn will be released soon. Enjoy!

About Silverhorn Silverhorn is a paranormal contemporary fantasy by award winning author Marri Champié. It will be available on November 5, 2018, via Kasva Press. The book lies somewhere between Fantasy/Science Fiction and a […]

Book Review: The Selah Branch by Ted Neill

I liked it. And yes, that is a simple statement about a fairly complicated book, but it is the salient fact, as far as my review is concerned. Much of the following is somewhat ancillary to that point, but I think important (obviously, or I wouldn’t have written it) nevertheless, so bear with me…

If […]

Book Review: Resurrection Men by David Craig

I’ve commented before on how some excellent books just don’t seem to lend themselves well to reviews – at least not lengthy ones. I have credited it to the strength of the plot (as odd as that may sound) and to the originality of the story. If things are well-crafted and full of the right […]

Book Review: Gigolo: Inside the Secret World of the Super Rich by Ben Foster

This was not my usual choice of memoir…

This is the tale of one talented and (un? you be the judge)lucky young man’s journey into the world of money and privilege most of us only encounter on television. It was a LOT steamier than I usually read, and such an unusual blend of elements […]

Book Review: A Knife in the Fog by Bradley Harper

I am a huge fan of Sherlockiana – the reimagining of Sherlock Holmes’ world and the people who populate it (be they original to the Doyle stories or new creations), including his creator Sir Arthur himself. But I’m also always a little skeptical when someone takes on a character or persona that is so beloved […]



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