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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 25 books toward her goal of 175 books.

An Introduction to the School of Life Press

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to a new press offered by The School of Life. It is an original publication line, that hopes to change . I hope you enjoy learning about their upcoming titles and their mission!

The School of Life is a global organisation dedicated to developing emotional intelligence. They apply psychology, […]

Book Review: Attention: Dispatches from a Land of Distraction by Joshua Cohen

OK, I’ve been trying – and trying – but cannot grasp the purpose of this book, or find the energy to continue to read it. Ironic, considering the title/subject matter I know, but I can’t help it. I’ve more than given it the ol’ college try…

The concept is great, and there are moments of […]

Guest Book Review: The Painter of Time (Audiobook Version) by Matthew O’Connell – Susan Fouche (Narrator)

Today I’m pleased to bring you a guest book review courtesy of my husband, also known as The Audiobook Guy. He spends a LOT of time in the car, and as a result audiobooks are his preferred format for “reading”. This title was a little outside of his wheelhouse, but when the opportunity to review […]

Book Review: A Death of No Importance by Mariah Fredericks

I really enjoyed this one… I like above-stairs/below-stairs stories, and have long been a firm believer in the old adage that “servants see everything” (or, more aptly put, “those who go largely ignored in society see more than they are given credit for”). There were just enough twists to keep things interesting, particularly when coupled […]

Guest Post: “Growing Up” Into an Author by Honore Nolting

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to a fascinating author, Honore Nolting, whose new book 128 Days and Counting is a touching true story of endurance, survival, and recovery. The book is the touching and inspiring memoir by Honore Nolting, who at twenty-eight learned that her thirty-year-old husband, Tom, had late stage-three cancer. They begin […]



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