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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 25 books toward her goal of 175 books.

Guest Post: Kids’ Workshop on Creating Stories by Hank Quense

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to a fascinating man, Hank Quense, whose new series – The Zaftan Troubles, (Strange Worlds Publishing, August 2018) – is a seven-part satirical fantasy series about the advanced alien species who steal resources from other worlds for profit. The books promise to delight, as does Hank himself. I hope […]

Book Review: Dancing in the Dark by T.L. Martin

WOW. Just, wow. This was so much more than I anticipated – in the best possible way… It was darker and edgier and more disturbing and weirder and more random, but all the bits came together under the masterful tutelage of T.L. Martin into a whole that was definitely more than the sum of its […]

Guest Book Review: Ten Cultures, Twenty Lives by Daina Jurika-Owen

A little while ago, I was pleased to share with you a guest post by author Daina Jurika-Owen, whose book Ten Cultures, Twenty Lives explored the realities of life as a refugee. Today I’m pleased to bring you Sharon’s review of the book.

I was especially interested in this book at this particular […]

Book Review: Turning Left Around the World by David C. Moore

I was contacted directly by the author on this one, and am so glad I was! I really enjoy memoirs, particularly about travel or repatriation or the experience of living (even if only for a specified duration) somewhere “other”. I am not a terribly adventurous traveler myself. I am fond of my mod-cons, my things, […]

Book Review: The Prize by Geoffrey M. Cooper

I was very intrigued by this title. I have worked in pharmaceutical/biomedical research, and particularly on Alzheimer’s disease. I am aware of the cutthroat nature of tenure battles and the “publish or perish” mentality, and of the way careers can be won or lost through chance encounters with scientific discovery – which itself is quite […]



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