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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 0 books toward her goal of 200 books.

Book Review Blurb: Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen

This is another of those deceptively short reviews. DO NOT let the length fool you – this is now one of my favorite stories I’ve read in some time…

What a lovely, lyrical, surprisingly original time travel tale this was! Chen has a marvelous ability to transform words on a page into fully three-dimensional characters, […]

Guest Post: Discomfort by Gayle Nobel, Author of SPACE OF LOVE: Understanding the Power of Thought and Wisdom in Living with Autism

Today I’m honored to introduce you to Gayle Nobel, an author and lifelong autism advocate, whose book SPACE OF LOVE is now available in audiobook format. In SPACE OF LOVE: Understanding the Power of Thought and Wisdom in Living with Autism (Nite Owl Books, August 2018) Gayle Nobel recounts personal stories of raising Kyle, like […]

Book Review: The Nightmare by Lars Kepler

This series is SO amazing… In this second installment, Joona Linna finds himself embroiled in yet another mess that he manages to suavely unravel with his usual panache – and his own particular brand of semi-lawless detective work. He has an almost supernatural ability to discern the truth – his particular brand of confidence in […]

Guest Post: The Selah Branch – Love it or Hate it, by Author Ted Neill PLUS an Audiobook Clip!

Today I am proud to bring you more from the exceptionally talented Ted Neill, whose novel (The Selah Branch) I reviewed last year. The book is an incredible tale about an exceptional young woman who helps bring a racially-divided town into its own by traveling through time. The book is now available in audiobook format, […]

Book Review AND Author Interview: Lara’s Story by Diane Merrill Wigginton

Today I’m pleased to bring you the latest historical fiction from Diane Merrill Wigginton, plus a bonus author interview. Enjoy!

Synopsis Shattered by heartbreak…

“When a heart breaks, it does not break evenly, cleaving in half exactly down the middle.”

Surrounded by her large, boisterous family in 1840s Ireland, Lara Flannigan has never known […]




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