2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 0 books toward her goal of 200 books.

Book Review: Die Back (The Alchimeia) by Richard Hacker

I really liked the beginning of this one, but somewhere in the middle it started to lose the larger story in the threads of the smaller, time traveling, ones – and that’s where it started to lose me…

This is a great concept and an original take on time travel – which is becoming an increasingly uncommon thing to be able to say, given the proliferation of the topic practically into its own genre. The idea of the pens and traveling into the minds of the dead worked. It opened up almost limitless possibilities for mini-stories and sub-plots, and I really liked that – at first. But once the characters started spending more and more time locked in their traveled-into personae, I felt like the main purpose of the book (uncovering/foiling the plot by Kairos) got subsumed and floundered for a bit. Continue reading Book Review: Die Back (The Alchimeia) by Richard Hacker

Book Review: Wild and Crazy Guys by Nick de Semlyen

I am a HUGE fan of the original SNL cast, and this behind-the-scenes peek into their career development paths was a fascinating – as well as thoroughly entertaining – one. Martin, Murray, Chase, Belushi, Ackroyd, Murphy – these are THE men of comedy in my mind, given that I was born in 1973 and came of age as their careers did. The backstory on how they moved from stand up artists and sketch comics to media powerhouses was engaging, interesting, and of course full of the side notes and tidbits that make such “this is how it all began” books so fun to read… Continue reading Book Review: Wild and Crazy Guys by Nick de Semlyen

Book Review: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

I enjoyed reading this one, as I enjoy everything he writes, although I must confess that I found this one more eye-rolling in it’s big reveal then either of the previous books he has written. I understand that he takes on Horror Story / movie tropes and stereotypes and then gives them his particular spin. It’s one of the things I enjoy, since I find myself too much of a scaredy-cat to watch those movies, but thoroughly enjoy the types of tales that they tell. His books are a perfect antidote to that, because somehow even though my imagination is incredibly vivid, what I conjure doesn’t disturb me in the same way as what I watch on a big screen. Continue reading Book Review: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Book Review: The Little Tragedy by Jeff Haws

WOW. Talk about your worst nightmare… In this new and wholly original thriller by Jeff Haws, every child falls into an irreversible coma on their tenth birthday. Until one doesn’t – and one doesn’t stay there. The resultant media circus, drama, and mystery will pull you in and refuse to let you go.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, even though it stopped rather than ended – which is usually a deal-breaker for me… That tells you how engaging I found the story. The writing is crisp, the pacing spot-on for the narrative, the plot original and horribly compelling, and the characters heart-breaking in their attempts to deal with an absolutely unbelievably difficult set of circumstances. Continue reading Book Review: The Little Tragedy by Jeff Haws

Book Review Blurb: Recursion by Blake Crouch

This is DEFINITELY one of those where the short review here doesn’t do the book justice, so you’ll just have to pick the book up and trust me… I LOVE Blake Crouch, he has the most amazing imagination and manages to find innovative ways to explore time, tech, and science in each book (at least the ones I’ve read)… The memory chair is a fantastic concept, reminiscent of Fringe or Counterpart but with an utterly original slant and marvelous characterization. The pacing is – as always – spot-on and the writing crisp and clear while still painting vivid pictures that draw the reader on completely. It’s a fabulous thing, knowing that any title I pick up wll be an entertaining, thought provoking, wholly immersive read – there aren’t many authors I can say that about with confidence, and the fact that he’s prolific on top of that makes him one of my favorite contemporary authors.

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