2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 6 books toward her goal of 240 books.

Book Review: Signalz by F. Paul Wilson

I love the Repairman Jack series and the Adversary Cycle – but I haven’t read either in quite some time. I was delighted when I saw that there were new stories in this universe, with this and The Last Christmas. I think this book was every bit as marvelous as the earlier books in the series. I do think it helps to have some familiarity with the series, conceptually, but as I didn’t remember very many details beyond the fleeting sense that several of the names were familiar and an understanding about Nightworld as a concept, I had no difficulty following the story or enjoying it on its own merits. Continue reading Book Review: Signalz by F. Paul Wilson

Book Review: The Last Agent by Robert Dugoni

I LOVED IT!! I was a little nervous going into this one… I loved the spy bits of the first book, The Eighth Sister, which comprised about the first half of the book, but the remainder was a bit more courtroom drama than I am normally interested in, so I netted out at three stars. Still, I loved the characters and the Cold War, old-school spy feel of the parts that focused on the mission and escape so much that I knew I’d give the next in the series a chance, and I was not disappointed! Continue reading Book Review: The Last Agent by Robert Dugoni

Book Review Blurb: Overstrike by C.M. Angus

This one offered a novel take on the multiverse and almost-time-travel. I liked it, but frankly a few times I got a little lost in all the characters and perspectives and timelines and had to backtrack to make sure I was staying in the story. The underpinning idea is very intriguing though, and seeing how it would play out is what kept me reading even when I occasionally got frustrated trying to keep it all right in my mind (an ironic statement if you know the book and the characters’ struggles to do the same!). While I found it a little tough to follow sometimes, that feeling did contribute to the overall sense of the story – a weird gestalt that I both liked and didn’t. There’s a fantastic construct for the end/next book though, and I’m curious about how that will work itself out but do hope things tighten up a bit (either in the book or in my mind) to help me stay in the action instead of occasionally losing the feel for it as I try to keep up…

Thanks to the good folks at Elsewhen Press for my obligation-free review copy.

Book Review: Carpe Glitter by Cat Rambo

This one totally intrigued me upfront – the cover, the blurb, Cat Rambo: what’s not to love?? I requested a review copy and was delighted to receive it. I dug in eagerly – the opening grabbed me straightaway – it was full of mysterious intrigue, hints of dark family drama, secrets and hoarded treasures (and not-so-treasures)… It was, in a word, sublime. Until it wasn’t…

Weird. Continue reading Book Review: Carpe Glitter by Cat Rambo

Book Review: Broken by John Rector

I liked this one. It was a very quick read, more like a novella, particularly in the somewhat shallow character development and presentation. Almost from the beginning, you know who the good and bad guys are. There are no red herrings or twists – which is almost a twist in and of itself these days. The plot wasn’t very complicated, the characters were straightforward and fairly predictable in their behaviors and responses to the events as they unfolded. Continue reading Book Review: Broken by John Rector