2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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2023 Reading Challenge
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Excerpt: Darien Shockra and The Bermuda Triangle – Part 1 by David Kneisler and Stefan Lukjanczuk 

About the Book

Heroes that protect the Universe are merely myths and legends…as is the Bermuda Triangle. The balance of good and evil have shifted and there is only one way for this balance to be restored. Lucifer and Ophidion lead the army of evil. War threatens to consume the Universe. Kai, a mystic sage from the farthest known solar system of Harikane, is called to help restore balance, along with a loveable cat named Nebula who can communicate through telepathy. Three dear friends, whose bloodline originates from the mysterious planet of Nibiru, have been raised in the Bermuda Triangle completely unaware that they are destined to become the protectors of the Universe, known as the Tritem.

When Darien Shockra, Ecio Ohm and Serenity Ken wake up on their 21st birthday on the island of Bermuda, they discover that they have become the destined successors of the Tritem to restore Universal balance…and that time portals offer a means of travel. Up until now, they have been blissfully unaware of their inherited roles and that their lives are about to change forever.

Evil is hell bent on destroying Darien Shockra and the Tritem… mainly focusing on Darien Shockra.. Why?

Join Darien and his friends on an epic adventure as they travel the Universe to try and restore balance, learning invaluable lessons along the way…

The Excerpt

Chapter 1: The Exodus

“DARIEN SHOCKRA!!!”, shrieked the outcast.

He was enraged. His red eyes beaming with anger amidst his green, scaly flesh.

His large, menacing figure paced up and down the unholy mound. A long dark green robe hung from his torso following every step of the hooded creature. He prepared to digest information that was about to be shared at his meeting by a trusted source.

Although in the beginning of his creation he was known as the greatest of the Tritem, Ophidion was determined to now stamp out the light in the Universe with the help of his most trusted mentor and master, Lucifer. His image, prior to his betrayal of his people, was that of a very handsome man. His appearance was altered and cost him greatly following his thirst for power, which revealed his true and evil intentions. He had enough of being cast out just like his Lord. They understood each other well. They both wanted vengeance, and ultimately power and control. Greed coursed through their veins.

Both were hell bent on finding the source of their adversary and intended to destroy all life associated with its name.

A plan was required. Saturn was a desolate yet welcoming planet that was a perfect home base. They were still able to manipulate the Earth from such a distance with the ancient technology they had crafted and built strategically placed throughout the planet. They had amassed an army of darkness and pure evil, and were willing to do whatever it took to complete their mission…

Destroy Darien Shockra.…

Interlude 1

Much time passes. Years go by. A couple decades later…

Kai woke that morning with a perplexed expression taking form on his face. Something was amiss. He could feel it. He sat upright. There was a disturbance in the universal flow… Something had happened to disrupt the balance of the Universe. Like a pebble landing in a pond and the ripples that formed afterwards. Only this wasn’t a pebble, Kai thought…more like a giant boulder… He shuddered. This wasn’t good… He knew for every Action, there was Reaction. Everything is connected.

This disturbance meant that the Scales had shifted, and evil was on the rise… Kai’s unique connection with the Universe and its powers and mysteries allowed him to understand this. His job is to help maintain the Balance of the Universe. With evil forces growing ever more prevalent, he knew it was at the tipping point. At the same time, he also sensed a counteracting force of Goodness in the Universe… It was weaker, but it was certainly there. Too weak to face the entrenched evil, but they had time.  He could work with this. There was much that needed to be done… He knew it was time to take action.

He glanced around the dimly lit cavern. Of all the places a person could dwell… Why did he find comfort in this old cave? Outside the wind howled. This was a common, annual occurrence in Bermuda. Hurricane season perhaps.

“The ocean will be in turmoil with that kind of wind,” he thought.

But then again, sometimes it takes a storm to clear away the debris of yesterday’s mistakes…after the storm comes the rebuilding, after all. It’s a cycle, he thought to himself…destruction, creation…constantly moving, constantly changing…Rebuilding after the storm, hoping to improve so when the next storm comes it might not be so devastating…Maybe one day they will rebuild so magnificently that when the storm hits, it simply washes over the world like a gentle rain, leaving everything freshly washed and clean.

Nebula trilled and mewed and rubbed against Kai’s legs. She headbutted his calf… He reached down and scratched her on the top of her head.

“Yes, sweet pea… it’s time to get ready.”

The lyrics to one of his favourite tunes danced through his head… ‘And I would bleed every drop of my blood…to conquer the coming flood…’

Copyright 2024

Darien Shockra releases in the U.S. on June 20, 2024.


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