2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 0 books toward her goal of 200 books.

Book Review: Takes One to Know One by Susan Isaacs

Yeah, so this is a book about a former FBI agent who retires and becomes a suburban housewife who is so bored with her life that she starts eyeballing a neighbor as a Person of Interest. She can’t tell if she’s trusting her well-honed instincts or just, well, bored.

I vote for bored. I don’t care what the revelations throughout the story say or what the neighbor is actually up to. Want to know why? Because if I was living her life, as told in the book, I’d be bored too. I was, in fact. So bored that I literally had to force myself to turn pages until I finally realized that I Just. Didn’t. Care. And that’s when I stopped and called it… Continue reading Book Review: Takes One to Know One by Susan Isaacs

Book Review: The Ghosts of Eden Park by Karen Abbott

This was a very entertaining – if a bit overly detailed at times – tale about Prohibition-era America. It’s a time-frame that doesn’t get as much attention as it seems like it should. It was, after all, a time of capital-C Characters, on both sides of the law, as well as money, drama, crime, and secrets – normally all topics that lend themselves to fabulous storytelling. In Abbott’s latest we get all of that in spades, including a fascinating peek behind the curtain of women in early 20th century American politics. It was a fascinating tale of wine, women and song and I enjoyed it – mostly. Continue reading Book Review: The Ghosts of Eden Park by Karen Abbott

Book Review Blurb: The Substitution Order by Martin Clark

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Kevin’s trials and tribulations were over-the-top but also oddly real – a tightrope walk that allowed for hilarity and heartbreak in equal measure and which made for a very compelling read. I LOVED the twist at the end – I figured something was coming, but had no idea exactly what, and that made the reveal all the more enjoyable. I also really liked the minutiae of the legal process. I’m an attorney but was never a courtroom attorney, but I quite enjoyed the word play and detail and emphasis on how the seemingly small details played into some of the larger implications and outcomes of the story. It was clever and fresh and a very engaging read. I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for more from Martin Clark!

My review copy was provided by the Penguin First to Read program.

Book Review Blurb: Spellbound by Allie Therin

This was a great find ad a promising start to what I hope will be a fruitful series… Therin has created a world-within-the-world that I found utterly engaging and fascinating. I liked that she chose to set her tale in 1920s New York – it offered opportunities for fantastic scene-setting and historical detail (e.g., Prohibition and speakeasies, the relative novelty of driving, which only one of the characters – and the oldest! – can do) that I felt added to the depth of the story and made the tale that much more robust as a result. The characters are well-crafted and offer a great complement of personalities, quirks, and strengths. Throw in a well-plotted adventure, secrets and lies and misdirection, and magic and Therin had me hooked from the opening salvo!

My review copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

Book Review: The Long Call by Ann Cleeves

This was a very slow start for me but the great reviews kept me reading and I’m so glad I did. I hadn’t read Ann Cleeves before but she’s totally on my list now. I can’t pinpoint what exactly about this one resonated so well with me – the characters are well developed but not so individually compelling that they stood out for that alone. The plot was intricate and well paced but again not anything so specifically unique that it would do it on its own. The writing was very crisp and tight – which in itself is always worth remarking upon – and that was probably the single most significant contribution. Continue reading Book Review: The Long Call by Ann Cleeves




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