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2017 Reading Challenge

Jill Elizabeth has read 2 books toward her goal of 150 books.

Guest Book Review: Devotion: Humans and Their Four-Legged Soulmates by Dobie Houson

Today I’m immensely pleased to introduce you to my new guest reviewer: Sharon. She will appear from time to time, offering her insights and commentary on books in genres that do not normally make their way to my blog. I’m rather excited to be able to expand the scope of reviews available through – I tend to read (and therefore review) within a certain set of categories. It’s a fairly broad set, but it has its limits – limits I’m perfectly aware of and have been comfortable with, largely because I did not see a ready alternative to such limitations. I read for enjoyment and entertainment and education – this is not my job and I don’t make a penny from it (despite the requisite disclaimer about affiliate status, I VERY rarely get any/enough click-throughs to actually generate any payments – still, the lawyer in me requires that I be upfront about the possibility). As a result, I don’t read things that I do not enjoy – I don’t have the time or, frankly, inclination, to read books that I cannot get into or that don’t interest me. There are any number of categories that I decline to consider for review out of hand (if you’re curious, check out my Review Policy) because I have found that, by and large, books in those categories fall outside of my interest areas. But I do realize that there are slews of books that are marvelous and interesting within those same categories, and I’m now pleased to be able to offer reviews of some of them, courtesy of my new guest reviewer. She will, at least initially, be focusing on categories that she finds edifying – like self-help, life management, social issues, and pets/animals.

With that as a rather wordy introduction, I’m pleased to bring you her first review – Devotion: Humans and Their Four-Legged Soulmates by Dobie Houson. Continue reading Guest Book Review: Devotion: Humans and Their Four-Legged Soulmates by Dobie Houson

Book Review: Where the Hell is Tesla? by Rob Dircks

“Official Interdimensional Travel Observation #3: Be VERY careful with stuff you pick up in other dimensions. There are infinite possibilities, and infinite ways to accidentally kill yourself.”

This was a FANTASTIC read – I honestly cannot say enough good things about it… It was snarky and original and clever and absolutely one of the most fun books I’ve read this year. Rob Dircks has created a world that is believable, even in its most bizarre moments; characters that are endearing, even in their most inane; and a plot that is engaging and engrossing, even (especially?) when everything is running off the rails…

Chip is a delightful Everyman protagonist, full of personality quirks and foibles that would probably be infuriating in a real person, but are absolutely spot-on perfect in this story. Continue reading Book Review: Where the Hell is Tesla? by Rob Dircks

Guest Post: Q&A with The Goblins of Bellwater Author Molly Ringle AND 5 Book-Related Prize Packages…

Today, I’m pleased to bring you an interview/question-and-answer session with author Molly Ringle, whose delightful book The Goblins of Bellwater recently released (my rave review can be found here). The book is really quite well written and offers a thoroughly original take on the world-within-the-world concept (and is inspired by the classic poem “The Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti). I hope you look for the book – you won’t be disappointed – and that you enjoy this behind-the-curtain look at the story behind the story.
Plus, at the end, you can enter to win five book-related prize packages, offered by the publisher. Happy reading and good luck!

Q&A with The Goblins of Bellwater Author Molly Ringle

How closely did you follow Christina Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market” as a basis for the story?
I call this a book “inspired by” Rossetti’s poem rather than saying it’s “based upon” it, because I did veer from the poem a significant amount. I first read the poem a few years ago, and it intrigued me deeply. It’s evocative and strange, and, like a fairy tale, has many symbols and events that could be interpreted as having several different meanings. My assignment to myself was to use it as a jumping-off point for a modern paranormal novel, which would then go its own way as the plot required. Continue reading Guest Post: Q&A with The Goblins of Bellwater Author Molly Ringle AND 5 Book-Related Prize Packages…

I’m on Vacation BUT… (A Halloween Carol by Kevin Purdy)

…I can’t leave you with nothing to read, so am sharing a quick mention that is oh-so-timely, given Halloween right around the corner… The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol is available through Kindle Unlimited – I have it downloaded, but ran out of time to read/review it before the holiday. Still, I wanted to get the word out in case any of you were looking for a good Halloween read. According to the author, it’s a Christmas Carol-type take on the haunted holiday – check it out! With a blurb like this, how could you not: “If Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe and Dr. Seuss conspired to write a novel, it would probably look something like The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol.” Happy reading!

I’m on Vacation, BUT… (A Retrospective)

…I never leave you hanging, do I?? So if you’re looking for something fun and totally random, why don’t you check out a few of my old posts? I’m always startled to realize I’ve been doing this for YEARS now – you may not have realized it either, so I thought I’d pick some of the WAY early posts just to give a sense of where I’ve been… Enjoy!

I’ll be back later this week – you’ll get a blurb as a post while I’m gone, then I’ll be back in full-swing 10/25. Enjoy your week!



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