2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Book Review: Doors Wide Open by T.L. Brown

She’s done it again… Captivated me with a world that is wholly original, a series that is heartfelt and full of snark and giggles and excellent writing, and characters that I cannot wait to meet again! The third and final title in the Door to Door mystery series has come and gone. Emily’s world is back in some semblence of order – as is the Empire. Things Have Happened. Secrets have been revealed. It’s all come full circle – and I loved every minute of it!

This final installment is a darker tale than either of the previous two (reviews here and here, if you somehow missed them). There is still light at its heart, but for much of the novel that light is shrouded in darkness as Emily and her fearless band of compatriots fight against the evil that threatens the integrity of the Salesman Empire. The gang is all here, along with a handful of new faces that you are going to fall in love with every bit as deeply as you did the original characters. That’s one of Brown’s particular gifts: writing characters that you can hear in your head while you read, characters that leap off the page and implant themselves into your subconscious… She’s marvelous with setting, pacing, and plot surprises too – don’t get me wrong – but for me, the characters are the heart and soul of her writing. They’re alive to her, and that makes them spring to life for the reader also. As a long-time fan of character-driven storytelling, it is a huge element in what makes these stories so resonant for me.

That and the snarky dialogue, of course. You know me – never met a snark I didn’t appreciate…

Emily’s story has worked itself out, but I wouldn’t count her (or her friends – or enemies) out just yet. Rumor has it 2022 will bring us a new series set in Emily’s world, featuring many of the characters we’ve come to love (and hate), and I for one cannot wait to see where they take us next!

Thanks to the author for my obligation-free review copy of this wonderful book!

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