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2024 Reading Challenge
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2023 Reading Challenge
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Guest Review AND Giveaway: Yes, Again by Sallie Weissinger, Review by Linda Lu

 Yes Again by Sallie Weissinger

About the Book
In this laughter-through-tears memoir, Sallie H. Weissinger, a late-in-life widow, recounts the highs and lows of navigating the tricky online dating world of the 2000s. Interwoven throughout her adventures in search of a new relationship are stories from her childhood as a military brat, her southern heritage, her various marriages, and the volunteer work in Central and South America that helped her keep moving forward through it all.

Weissinger keeps her sense of humor as she meets men who lie, men who try to extort money, and men with unsavory pasts. When she experiences even more loss, her search for a partner becomes less important, but—with the help of friends and dogs—she perseveres and, ultimately, develops her own approach to meeting “HIM.” Blending the deeply serious and the lighthearted, Yes Again shows us that good things happen when we open up our minds and hearts.

The Review

“I still bounced out of bed in the morning without an ache or pain. Friends and meaningful activities fed my mind and fueled my body and soul. But I continued peering over at the empty side of the bed, a space I longed to fill. I missed having a soul mate.” 

With the help of two voices in her head that she calls ‘Sweet Pea’ and ‘Steve,’ Sallie H. Weissinger narrates a story of love found, lost and, hopefully, found again. Weissinger lost her husband to esophageal cancer when she was in her late 50’s, and the loss opened up a void in her life. 

Although she led a fulfilling life otherwise, Weissinger felt unfulfilled in her romantic life, and wanted to find someone else to love. So, she decided to try dating again, and after 24 years of being off the market, the adjustment was more than she was prepared for. 

‘Yes, Again: (Mis)adventures Of A Wishful Thinker,’ is a memoir of Wiessinger’s time trying to find Mr. Right a second time, and the epic highs and lows of the world of modern dating. 

Wiessinger writes with the kind of universally accessible flair that makes a good memoir shine. Although the reader may not have experienced her exact situation, she makes you understand how she feels, and makes you feel as though you were right there with her, going on all of these dates, hoping against hope that the next guy is not a dud. 

‘Yes, Again,’ is not only a funny romp through the dating world, but a heartfelt look at Weissinger’s feelings about the loss of her husband and an inspiring take on, as they say, ‘getting back out there.’ I think this book will galvanize anyone into action on their own love life and make you feel brave enough to get back out there yourself! 

About the Guest Reviewer
Linda Lu has been an avid reader since she was about 5 years old. When she was younger she enjoyed writing book reviews for herself. Now she enjoys sharing her opinion on books with other readers. She is a very eclectic reader and loves trying new genres as well as old. If she could only pick a few, she would have to say historical fiction, mystery, and literary. she also loves the classics. She loves spending time with he dog, Steinbeck. They take long walks together and love to cuddle. He enjoys it when she reads to him, even if he doesn’t understand.

The Giveaway

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This giveaway is for 3 print copies, 1 per winner and ends on November 6, 2021, 12 midnight, pacific time. Entries accepted via Rafflecopter only.

About the Author
Sallie H. Weissinger is a native of New Orleans and was raised as a military brat away from the South (Germany, New Mexico, Ohio, Japan, and Michigan). Every summer, she and her family returned to visit her mother’s relatives in New Orleans and her father’s family in a small Alabama town. She has lived most of her life in the Bay Area and also in New Orleans. These days, “home” includes not only New Orleans and Berkeley, but also Portland, Oregon, where she lives most of the time with her husband, Bart McMullan, a retired internal medicine doctor and health care executive, and their three dogs.

A retired executive herself, she now teaches Spanish and does medical interpreting for non-profit organizations in Central America and the Dominican Republic. Weissinger is a passionate member of the Berkeley Rotary Club and has served on the boards of Berkeley Rotary, the Aurora Theatre in Berkeley, and the East Bay (formerly Oakland) SPCA.

Website: https://www.yesagainmemoir.com/

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