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2024 Reading Challenge
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2023 Reading Challenge
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Book Review: The Forbidden Door by Dean Koontz

I’ve really loved this series so far, and have been impressed with the originality and strength of the characters and the complexity and interconnectedness of the plot sub-lines. But I’m starting to think enough may just be enough… If you want to see my earlier reviews they are here, here, and here.

In this latest installment, Jane once again kicks ass and takes names. Her ability to foil the multi-faceted, multi-pronged, technologically advanced, nearly omniscient in its ability to access data, uber-machine that is the Techno Arcadians continues to entertain even when it’s seems so far beyond possible that it should be ridiculous. I love Jane. I admire the hell out of her. She’s a great character. And she’s surrounded by a team of equally great characters, from all walks of life and all sides of the law. That’s the part of the book I love. What I struggled with in this book was the overwhelming focus on her opponents in this war, and the insanity and viciousness that underpin their actions. I don’t mind reading dark, but when 85% of the book seems to be describing horrors inflicted on people for little to no reason beyond the accretion of power, I find the reading to be a bit of a slog… In the earlier books there was a lot more focus on Jane herself and the good people she found to ally herself with, often in unlikely places, and that gave the earlier books a very different tone and tenor than this one. It’s starting to get repetitive – if one can ever call the escalation of evil repetitive – to read about the horrible things that are committed in the name of the Techno Arcadians goals. And I noticed that the preview of the upcoming book that was included at the end of this one calls it the next title, not the last. I’m starting to think that, as much as I’ve loved the series, it’s time for it to end. Book after book describing Horrors and placing Jane and increasing peril are not going to do the series any service. This is a great series with a great idea underpinning it, but all great ideas have a lifespan, and I fear this one is rapidly approaching the end of its own.

I have no idea how Koontz is going to pull it all together, but do hope that he does so in short order, because the pacing is starting to slow as things feel like they are escalating but not actually moving forward… One of the greatest things about the early books was the rapid introduction of a lot of uniquely horrifying ideas. The zombie bit in this book was new and interesting, but a lot of the other “action” felt like it was a caffeinated version of things that happened to Jane in her quest to keep Travis safe in the earlier books.

Thanks to NetGalley for my review copy.

2 comments to Book Review: The Forbidden Door by Dean Koontz

  • Thank you for your honesty. I think I will pass on Dean Koontz. He tends to be a little dark and verbally taxing for me.

  • admin

    You are most welcome. It is definitely dark and verbally taxing and was more than a little draining to read – which is a shame if it turns readers away because it’s a FASCINATING premise and the underlying conspiracy behind it all is very well crafted, as are the characters. It’s too bad there isn’t a PG version that leaves out the torture and gore and just lets you get the fundamental story…

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