2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 5 books toward her goal of 265 books.

What on Earth is She Reading Now?

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have good news: last week I completed my library adult summer reading challenge!! Granted, it was only six books. And they gave you two months to finish them. And I finished mine almost two weeks before you are even allowed to turn in your “completed” list. And it looks like you only get to claim six books and no more (so much for promoting over-achievement, sigh). But still…

So it looks the “I have to read library books” pressure is off. Which is nice, because my TBR list of books I own is LONG. And the vast vast majority of my books aren’t even unpacked yet, so the “LONG” of which I speak is only a minuscule representation of the collection of TBR things. Eek. Again, I’m going with “but still…” though, because at least I’m working my way through some of them.

Which brings me to the current “in progress” list. Here goes:

  • Knight Life (Peter David) – a little snarky, a little politically-pointed; Arthur has returned, with Merlin’s help, and is trying to become mayor of NYC
  • perfect chaos (Linea Johnson & Cinda Johnson) – a difficult (in tone, not writing – the writing is quite easy-going and startlingly clear) mother/daughter memoir about life with bipolar
  • Welcome to Your Brain: Why You Lose Your Car Keys But Never Forget How To Drive and Other Puzzles of Everyday Behavior (Sandra Aamodt) – an analysis of how the brain works – and why it occasionally doesn’t…
  • Fragments (Monique Martin) – the latest in the time-travel series featuring Simon Cross

The “TBR-soon” list (otherwise known as the “checked out from the library and have to read so they can be returned” list):

  • Soft Apocalypse (Will McIntosh)
  • Passage (Connie Willis)
  • The Steps of the Sun (Walter Tevis)
  • You Are Not so Smart (David McRaney)
  • The Last Kind Words (Tom Piccirilli)

(And yes, that list is LONG, and all but one are library books.  I got a tish carried away checking them out during the Summer Reading Program Misunderstanding of 2012, when I thought I would get treats for reading them all…  But now that I have them here, I can’t NOT read them!  Don’t judge me – it’s a sickness, this reading thing, a sickness I tell you!  teehee)

Heard of any of them?  What’s on your list?  It’s not like I *need* book ideas, mind you, just that I like to know what people are reading…  So humor me!


2 comments to What on Earth is She Reading Now?

  • Tracy Brown

    In my head, I hear “nom nom nom” as you read. 🙂 You really chew right through them!

    Hmm, my reading list. I’m actually going to pick up a YA book from the library this week. “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer (a rec from a fellow blogger). I’m buying Tana French’s “Broken Harbour” when it comes out next week. Can’t wait!

  • Teehee – I DO read kind of fast. I’m still running a chunk behind compared to pre-married life years, if you can believe it. Then I TOTALLY plowed through them! When I used to go to Aruba on vacation by myself it was not uncommon for me to read two paperbacks in a day while sitting in my hammock… I miss those days. 😉

    I LOVE Tana French – totally missed that she had a new one! Is it the same characters from the others??

    And I saw Cinder/almost picked it up a while back based on someone’s recommendation, but ultimately didn’t – you’ll have to tell me what you think. Great concept and I quite love the cover… Shiny things!! (teehee)

    Hope you’re having a good one – thanks for the comment, as always!

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