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Ok, I’m Not Sure I’m Back-Back, but I’m Back Today! :)

I just won a book on GoodReads, through their First Reads program, and wrote a review and thought I’d post it here too. I’m not really “reviewing” books again, as far as unsolicited donations, but when I do review something either on my own or as a result of being provided with a review [...]

Sorry but I’m NOT Reviewing Right Now…

Just to be clear (and I’m sorry if this is a disappointment) – I am NOT taking on regular review requests at this time. I’m sorry, but there just isn’t any time… I know I posted one recently and made a big (for me) splash talking about getting back into the swing of things, [...]

Book Review: Division by Karen Wyle

So if you saw the earlier post today, you’ll have noticed that I mentioned Karen Wyle by name.  She sent me an email that sparked me to actually post today, so I’m eternally grateful to her for that.  In return, I want to tell you about her latest novel – which is fabulous and [...]

Yes, I AM Still Alive…

I know it’s been AGES AND AGES since I’ve posted – I swear, I’m still here… Things have been nuts since the birth of The Sprout (she’s nine whole months old already, which seems absolutely impossible) and I haven’t been writing or doing much in the world of *real* work (she said, tongue oh-so-firmly [...]

I Probably Should Have Said These Things Months Ago…

But I am officially saying it now:

(a) I am on book reviewing hiatus;

(b) I am pregnant (and due Very Soon);

and (c) – which shouldn’t have to be said but apparently does because over the past six months I’ve had more emails asking me to do this than I can count [...]

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