2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 0 books toward her goal of 200 books.

Book Review: Tastes Like Human by The Shark Guys

Happy Book Review Tuesday! Today’s review book was accepted against my better judgment – teehee, I have a DEATHLY ridiculous phobia about sharks, and usually avoid any reference to them in any context like I would avoid a plague sandwich – and I’m oh-so-glad I was able to look past the title (and the gnawed-off fingers on the cover!) and make the exception. My review copy of Tastes Like Human: The Shark Guys’ Book of Bitingly Funny Lists was graciously provided by Chris Lombardo.

As the blurb says, everyone likes lists. I am, obviously, part of everyone. I am also, obviously, a great list-fan myself – just check out yesterday’s post or any of my other top-tens, as well as my reading lists, library/book lists, my to-be-read list, my amazon.com wishlists, or the thousand lists scattered throughout my house, cell phone, computer, and brain. Lists help me stay organized, they help me remember anything and everything, and they keep me on my toes. This book isn’t exactly about those kinds of lists – but it’s still a fabulously useful collection, of trivia and randomness and just-plain-funny-ness.

With compilations of fun-yet-useless information like the “Top 10 Exploding Animals,” “Top 10 Horniest Cult Leaders of All Time,” “Top 6 Karaoke-Inspired Acts of Violence,” and “10 Etiquette Tips for Meeting the Queen,” the book is a goofy, snarky, random tilt-a-whirl ride through the crazy-ass stuff people do in this mixed-up world of ours. I didn’t find it so much a book to read start-to-finish, as one for occasional reading – a list here, a list there, was a great way to lighten a bad mood or spiff up a crummy day. It’s occasionally mean-spirited in the best possible way – by targeting those people either too stupid or too full of themselves to deserve otherwise – and very funny. My favorite were the lists of things they made up themselves – like the queen-meeting tips mentioned above (it’s a shame really that there aren’t more – I mean, in this inter-connected world of ours, who’s to say I won’t meet the queen? So an extra-big thanks for this one guys – I do like to be ready for anything…), “5 ATM Etiquette Guidelines,” “15 Public Transit Etiquette Guidelines” – and even the “Top 13 Fighting Tips.” I feel so prepared now. Thanks Shark Guys, you may well have saved my life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will admit I wasn’t familiar with The Shark Guys before they contacted me about doing a review (based on some other reviews I’d posted on Amazon, how cool is that?!) – once I got the review request I Googled them of course (because that’s what we do in the civilized world now, cyber-investigate anyone we come across). Turns out they’re like your cool older brother and his even cooler best friend (I will leave it to the two of them to decide which is which, teehee) – a great blend of goofy boy-humor mixed with the style and grace of well-educated, well-written, and well-traveled men of the world (check out their “About” section). After checking them out and reading the book, I’m definitely going to have to start spending quality time on their website on a regular basis. And I highly recommend you do the same!

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