2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Looks Like Someone has a Blogoversary Coming Up…

So it looks like March 4 is my blogoversary – according to the blogoversary counter, which I set up when I remembered to pay attention to details like Blog Day One. (teehee) Honestly, it hardly seems possible that I have been doing this for a year. I’m not sure what I’ll do to celebrate – it’s a Saturday, teehee, so there won’t even be a regularly scheduled post that day.

Maybe I’ll take the day off (or the day before) and contemplate the previous year.

My great aunt (the fabulous Aunt Ruth) used to do that on New Year’s Eve – she’d spend the evening alone in her apartment, a bayberry candle burning as she wrote in her journal about the previous year’s activities and experiences. I always thought that was a very cool way to celebrate not only the new beginning, but also all of the things that came before. I may have to come up with an homage along those lines, seeing as she is basically the reason/inspiration for all of the things I like about myself – including and especially the reading/writing parts.

She doesn’t get all the credit though.

The blog itself owes its life to The Husband (then The Boyfriend) and its germination to The Best Friend in Seattle (then still TBFiS). The former is the one who kicked my butt (in that sweet way he has) to get me actually writing; the latter planted the seed many months before and got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, someone might even actually read what I wrote if I bothered to post it.

So with all those people pushing and shoving my butt into my chair (sometimes literally, usually figuratively), I finally started writing and lo and behond, a YEAR will soon have passed.


I know a lot of bloggers celebrate their blogoversary with big giveaways and stuff, but I’m not going to do that (sorry). I suspect mine will be a little more low-key – not because I am low-key, teehee, but because the blog is not the point for me. It’s a fun thing, and it’s been a great inspiration for me – it’s gotten me writing on a (mostly) regular basis. But it’s a tool to get my name/writing/style out into the world – and more importantly to keep me writing. So I’m not going to make it a party – you don’t throw a party when your power drill is a year old, you throw it when the damn shelf/wall/addition/cabinet is built. I’ll save my partying for when I finish a damn book, thank you very much. But I will take good care of my power drill in the meantime… πŸ˜‰

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2 comments to Looks Like Someone has a Blogoversary Coming Up…

  • OK – I officially love Aunt Ruth. I plan on adopting her New Year tradition now that my kids are grown. Love it. And I think you can celebrate any way you like! Congratulations! PS – mine is Mar 13 – we’re like twins but different.

    • Believe me Dana, you would have loved her! Isn’t it a great idea?? I’m not really self-disciplined enough for it, but it’s such a lovely tradition I think. And congratulations to you too – I always wanted a twin… πŸ˜‰

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