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Book Review: Notes to Self by Avery Sawyer

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s featured book review is another trip into the Young Adult bookspace. My review copy of Notes to Self was graciously provided by the author, Avery Sawyer.

Notes to Self. I love this title – I actually have a work-in-progress WITH this title, actually. (teehee) It could not be more different than Avery Sawyer’s delicate novel about the weighty angst of being a teenager though. Sawyer’s Notes to Self relates the aftermath of a mysterious “accident” that has left her protagonist, Robin, memory-less and her protagonist’s best friend, Emily, in a long-term coma. (Mine is a snarky collection of stories – with nothing particularly delicate anywhere to be found.)
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Jill Elizabeth

Looks Like Someone has a Blogoversary Coming Up…

So it looks like March 4 is my blogoversary – according to the blogoversary counter, which I set up when I remembered to pay attention to details like Blog Day One. (teehee) Honestly, it hardly seems possible that I have been doing this for a year. I’m not sure what I’ll do to celebrate – it’s a Saturday, teehee, so there won’t even be a regularly scheduled post that day.

Maybe I’ll take the day off (or the day before) and contemplate the previous year.

My great aunt (the fabulous Aunt Ruth) used to do that on New Year’s Eve – she’d spend the evening alone in her apartment, a bayberry candle burning as she wrote in her journal about the previous year’s activities and experiences. I always thought that was a very cool way to celebrate not only the new beginning, but also all of the things that came before. I may have to come up with an homage along those lines, seeing as she is basically the reason/inspiration for all of the things I like about myself – including and especially the reading/writing parts.

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Jill Elizabeth

Guest Post: Excerpt from Lair of the White Wyrm by Lea Ryan

So sorry for the delay-by-a-day folks, but technical issues plague us all sometimes… Today’s post is an excerpt from a delightful author I have had the pleasure to “meet” online. Teehee – I love that I get to “meet” people regularly now, from the privacy of my own home. Sometimes the online world fascinates me… (Of course sometimes it freaks me right out, but that’s a conversation for another day.) Today, let’s focus on the good stuff – the excerpt from Lea Ryan! Be sure to check back next week for another guest post from Lea on writing – and for the chance to win your very own copy of Lair of the White Wyrm!

Lair of the White Wyrm
By Lea Ryan

Sometimes when you run from your problems, they follow you.

Eric Duncan wants nothing more than to be an ordinary, sane guy. He believes he can escape his troubled past by leaving home. However, the voice in his head, that of his dead friend Benjamin, fights him every step of the way.

Eric finds his new home is a place filled with secrets far darker than his own. A monster prowls the grounds, and it wants to keep him close.

He will discover that his inner demons aren’t the only things he should fear. In order to confront the wyrm and survive, he must also face the worst parts of himself.

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Jill Elizabeth

Book Review: Kiwi and the Missing Magic by Vickie Johnstone

Happy Book Review Tuesday! Last month I brought you a guest book review of Kiwi in Cat City, a young adult book by Vickie Johnstone, courtesy of The Step-Daughter (aka Alynn). Well, today I am bringing you my take on the sequel, Kiwi and the Missing Magic . My review copy was generously provided by the author.

Strange things are afoot in the Cat City: giant mice, weird magic bursts, buildings in lock-down mode, and a surprising discovery about both the nature of magic – and of Kiwi herself. If you’re not up on the whole Kiwi-the-Cat thing, check out Alynn’s review for a good synopsis of the Kiwi-universe. In a very tiny nutshell, Kiwi is the pet of two children (Amy and James) – when she’s in this world. In HER world, Cat City, she is a bit of a detective and the two children (known as Ames and Jimster there) are rather like her pets – they help her solve mysteries. In this, book two of the Kiwi series, the mystery is to figure out what happened to all of the Cat City magic.
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Jill Elizabeth

Guest Post: Why Fantasy? by Victoria Simcox – and a Giveaway!

As promised last week, today I am happy to bring you a guest post from author Victoria Simcox, author of The Magic Warble, on why she writes (and reads) fantasy.  I love talking with authors about why they write what they write – and with readers on why they enjoy certain genres – I always find it so interesting to see what catches people’s attention and imagination…  Today brings a special two-fer treat too – not only do you get to learn about what makes Victoria tick, you also have the opportunity to win a free copy of The Warble!  Many thanks to Victoria for this opportunity!

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Jill Elizabeth

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