2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Hooray for Me, She Said or I Won a Major Award! (teehee)

It’s official. Jill-Elizabeth.com has arrived. I have won me a major award! (teehee) Many thanks to Che at KafkatoKindergarten, who nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. According to what I have managed to figure out, the rules of the Award require me to do two things – one about me, one about others.

Apparently, first I must tell you seven (7) random things about myself. Devoted readers may recall that I did a series of posts on random things about myself, the first of which is available here. Never fear, dear readers: we here at J-E.com are dedicated to the concept of (mostly) non-repetitive content, so these will be seven brand-spanking-new, organic, all-natural, 100% fresh random things. Which shouldn’t be that difficult, because I am, after all, very random.

Seven New Random Things About Jill-Elizabeth

    1. I apparently have bizarrely sweet blood, because every mosquito within 500 miles seems to find its way to the Jill Elizabeth Buffet. Seriously – I am covered in mosquito bites. Which is very weird, because I’m not outside that much.
    2. I could live on rolls and butter. I do not know how long I could live on them, nutritional-content-wise, and suspect it would not be a very thin or healthy life, but I imagine it would be a very very happy one. Mmm, butter.
    3. I almost never win anything. Seriously, I have the worst luck you can imagine with contests, awards, raffles, fundraisers, gambling of any kind, scratch-off lottery tickets – you name it, I almost always lose it. Hence my extreme excitement about this award – not only does it mean you like me, you really like me! But it also means that maybe, just maybe, my contest/award/game/etc. luck is changing! Vegas, here I come… 😉
    4. I like it when it rains, hard, with the full accompaniment of thunder and lightning. I enjoy listening to the sound of the rain, the way the air smells when it rains, the feel of splashing in puddles and walking in torrentially downpouring rain, watching it rain sideways and watching lightning blaze across the sky – I just love it all. It makes me feel very peaceful, oddly enough, even when the rain is destructive. I don’t know what that’s about, but it’s true.
    5. I have always wanted a pair of tight black leather pants. Like rockstars wear. Even though I am not in the least bit rockstar-like. I always imagined they would make me feel cool – which they may – but I also always imagined they would most likely make me look like an idiot, which is why I have never bought them (or even tried them on in the store).
    6. I type ridiculously fast. Seriously. The keyboard clacking sound actually annoys me because it rattles on like gunfire. I secretly believe that I learned to type quickly as a survival skill. You see, I occasionally I often get into trouble when talking because my brain works faster than my mouth – which means the things I say don’t always come out the way I intend them too. But if I can type fast, I can attempt to keep pace between communicative mechanism (keyboard) and communicative source (brain), which hopefully means that when I write I won’t step in it quite as often as when I speak… So far, I’m not sure it’s really working out that way. But I remain cautiously optimistic nonetheless. I don’t know why, because I’m not really an optimist, but whatever.
    7. I have a lot of trouble with brevity. (teehee)

In addition to seven random things, I must nominate five (5) other blogs for the award. That part is harder, because there are a lot of great blogs out there – some of which I have stumbled upon, some of which I have found through Book Blogs (a great reference and way to find new followers, get feedback, and have like-minded folk to babble on with), and some of which have been brought to my attention either through comments here on J-E.com or as links from other sites.

My five nominees (in alphabetical order to avoid awkward “HA! She put me first!!” moments) are:

Believe me, I know how difficult it is to find the time to scout around, visiting blogs and reading all day – but these are all well worth the time you will spend. If your name/site doesn’t appear on here, please don’t think that means I don’t love you anymore – but I could only pick five and tried to make selections that were not already on recent VBA lists that I have seen.

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