2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 5 books toward her goal of 265 books.

Book Reviews Revisited: Million Eyes and Million Eyes: Extra Time by C.R. Berry

So I’m bringing you a revisit of a pair of reviews I originally posted several years ago, in honor of the pending release of the third and final book in the trilogy. That book, Million Eyes: Ouroboros, will release on March 20. I will be posting a review of that book and the second in the series (Million Eyes: The Unraveller) at that time, as well as talking about the most recent drop of another short story set in the series (Million Eyes: Over Time).

It’s a fabulous series (hence the reposting) and definitely worth checking out – but make sure to read the books in order! Time is tricksy, as you’ll find out, and attempts to track the original timeline will be massively helpful (although not always as linear as you, like our semi-fearless protagonist Adam, might like)…

And I’m not following my typical format, offering an “About the Book” and “My Review” for each. Rather, I’m reposting the original links for you to follow. This is mostly because of the added content – in the form of video and animation – which I don’t want you to miss (and which is easier to link to than reformat). Enjoy! (And please don’t cringe at the ultra-enthusiasm – not that I’m not ultra-enthusiastic about the books, as I still am, but because I’m not quite so hyperbolic in my writing/reviewing style these days…)

The original Million Eyes

Million Eyes: Extra Time

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