2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Book Review: The Sweet Goodbye by Ron Corbett

About the Book

In this thrilling new series from Edgar®-nominated author Ron Corbett, the most dangerous predator in the Maine wilderness walks on two feet—and it is Danny Barrett’s job to bring him down.

Something is not right in the North Maine Woods.

A small family-run lumber company should not have more than two hundred million unaccountable dollars on their books. Money like that comes from moving something other than wood across the border. 

The first agent the FBI sent undercover was their best man—sure to get the answers that were needed. He was dead within a month.  

Now, Danny Barrett is taking his place. Before he was a cop, Danny grew up in the woods of Northern Michigan. He is the only chance the feds have of getting answers, but how many more will have to die first?

My Review

I really enjoyed this one! I’ll be honest – l was not expecting to… I was contacted by the publisher about it and asked if I was interested in running a review or spotlight on my blog. I agreed and downloaded it on a whim. While I enjoy detective stories and mysteries quite a bit, the underlying nature of this specific undercover job (involving forestry, rural Maine and a drug ring) didn’t really appeal but I gave it a go anyway.

I’m so glad I did!

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and am already looking forward to seeing where Danny Barrett (or whomever he’ll be next time around) finds himself in future installments. The teasers in the form of the casual references to Seattle caught my imagination already. The construct of an expert undercover agent who travels the country infiltrating and uncovering crime is a great one and offers Corbett a panoply of options and settings and that, paired with strong plotting skills and a compelling protagonist, suggests a recipe for success that I look forward to following.

About the Author

Ron Corbett is the Edgar and Arthur Ellis nominated author of the Frank Yakabuski mystery series. Set on the Northern Divide, the Yakabuski series has been called “Truly captivating” (Publishers Weekly) “Soulful” (Kirkus Reviews) and “A series with a long life ahead.” (Globe and Mail)

A former broadcaster and newspaper crime columnist, Ron has won numerous awards for his writing, whether it be news columns, magazine features or an investigative series that once saw him buy handguns on the streets and back alleys of Canada’s capital city.

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