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Book Review: Seven Point Eight by Marie Harbon

For today’s Book Review Tuesday, we are going on a wild sci-fi ride, courtesy of author Marie Harbon. I contacted Marie a long time ago (I’m so sorry for the delay Marie!) in response to her request for reviewers which was kindly put out by Kate at Reads, Reviews & Recommends back in August. My review copy was provided free of charge by the author.

As I have no doubt mentioned once or twice before (teehee), I LOVE science fiction. I especially love science fiction written by women – which is often in short supply. So when I saw that Marie had a “volume 1” (hooray, a series!) book about quantum physics and the mysterious number – the eponymous 7.8 – that underpins all the mysteries of the universe, I was immediately intrigued. I read the sample on and knew it’d be one I’d enjoy.

And I was right.

Yay, me!
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Jill Elizabeth

For Those Who’d Rather Die Than Read (teehee)

Ah, I slay me.  Oh wait, actually, these authors will (sort of).  You see, today’s list is all about life, death, after-life, other-life, immortality, and/or divinity.

I’m so punny.

Seriously though, there are a lot of really great and interesting stories out there about death/after-life in all its possible (re)incarnations (teehee, I’m sorry, I will stop soon, I swear, it’s just so easy I can’t help myself!).  I suppose there is good reason for this – the whole “what comes next” thing is one of the (if not the) great mysteries of the universe, after all.  And since no one here knows, everyone can imagine or theorize anything they please and every idea has an equal opportunity to be possible or true.  It’s like a smorgasbord for authors…
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Jill Elizabeth

Giving Thanks Indeed…

Happy Thanksgiving!! (If you’re not in America, Happy American Thanksgiving and Local November 24th!!)

Here at I have a LOT to be thankful for this year, and I think today’s post will be all about listing those things – 24, I think, since the holiday happens to fall on the 24th. So here goes – in no particular order:

My Top Twenty-Four Things to Be Thankful for This Year

  1. My Family – the new (The Husband, The Step-Kids, The Francleparents, and all the Francles and Merzes) and the old (the pArents, Mamy, The Reardons, Lynna) members of whom make me happy (and sometimes crazy) every day…
  2. My Health – gall bladder issues aside (teehee), I continue to get up of my own volition every day and all of my 2000, oops 1999, body parts continue to work mostly the way they should mostly all the time
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Jill Elizabeth

Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Aralen Dreams by Charles Thompson

Today’s book review is the best kind of fiction – it reads like an actual memoir. This is in large measure due to the fact that the author based his story on his own real-life experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama. But I think it is also – in an even larger measure – due to the skillful linguistic maneuverings of the author, Charles Thompson. The book came to my attention via an email from the author – who generously provided a complimentary review copy – and boy am I glad it did.

And thanks to his generosity, one lucky reader in the U.S. can win their very own free copy!

Aralen Dreams is the story of John Dillon, a Wall Street whiz kid who wakes up one day realizing there must be more to life – and decides that the “more” will best be identified and then realized by joining the Peace Corps. He is transported from a cushy American life to a bare-bones Panamanian one in a matter of moments, and the tale of his exploits is entertaining, touching, and more than a little harrowing.
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Jill Elizabeth

Words Words Words

So I’ve been thinking about words a lot lately.  I think in and about words all the time.  I’m a total left-brainer, all about logic and reasoning (hello lawyer and philosophy major!), I’m a writer (I know, I know – little creative right-brain bits sneak in from time to time), a compulsive reader, and an enthusiastic Scrabble/Word Feud player.  Plus I’m a logophile generally – a fabulous word that I use because I cannot bring myself to say I’m a word-lover…  (teehee)  And you’ll understand why I “teehee’d” this by the end of this post, promise.  So it’s not unusual for me to think about words.

But lately I’ve been thinking about how and when I personally use them, rather than just about their meanings.  I’ve been re-reading some of my stories/works-in-progress as I prepare to go all-in on the fiction writing front.  And I’m coming to the realization that I am a compulsive categorizer, over-explainer, word snob, and creature of habit.  None of which are exactly great on the whole creative, writing a book, front.

Eek, she said.
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Jill Elizabeth

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