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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 25 books toward her goal of 175 books.

Guest Book Review: Louisiana Catch by Sweta Srivastava Vikram

Another Sharon review for you today. If you haven’t already seen them and you’re curious, you can find her other reviews here. Have a good one and enjoy today’s feature!

Social media is a hot topic in today’s world – as is the importance of empowering women to share their strong voices in our modern […]

Guest Book Review: On the Couch by Barbra Streisand

Another guest book review courtesy of Sharon – enjoy!

I will start by saying upfront Barbra has been, in my experience and life, without equal.

My mother took me to see Funny Girl as a teenager and the rest was history. I followed every song she sang, special she was in, and movie […]

Guest Book Review: Imagine Harmony: How to Evolve From Stress to Gratitude by Dale R. Duvall

Another guest book review courtesy of Sharon – today, focusing on internal evolution and a triumph over the effects of stress on our minds and bodies. In the book, Duvall “offers an enjoyable stress management program that begins with an explanation of stress, its devastating effects, and progresses through a series of six lessons beginning […]

Guest Book Review: How Love Wins – The Power of Mindful Kindness by Doug Carnine

I’m pleased to bring you another book review brought to you by my fabulous guest reviewer, Sharon. Today, it’s a self-help title about the power of positivity and the way that actively practicing kindness can help direct your life in a more mindful and nurturing direction… Enjoy!

I love self-help books. I believe a reader […]

Guest Book Review: Devotion: Humans and Their Four-Legged Soulmates by Dobie Houson

Today I’m immensely pleased to introduce you to my new guest reviewer: Sharon. She will appear from time to time, offering her insights and commentary on books in genres that do not normally make their way to my blog. I’m rather excited to be able to expand the scope of reviews available through – […]



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