2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 6 books toward her goal of 240 books.

Book Review: The Legacy of Ra by M. Sasinowski

What a marvelous find this series was – and while I’m sorry to see it end, I’m delighted at the way all the moving pieces have come together into a fabulously coherent tale that I have thoroughly enjoyed! If you are a follower, you will have noted that I’ve already raved about books one and two. Book three delivered every bit as seismic a shock wave as the previous two, but also brought with it a sense of resolution that tied all the loose ends together in a way I never would have imagined but that, in hindsight, somehow also felt entirely and comfortingly right.

In this third piece of the increasingly-complex puzzle, our fearless and heroic protagonist Alyssa (or, if not entirely fearless, at least entirely and completely undaunted even in the face of her fear – and after all, isn’t that what makes someone truly heroic?) finds herself once again in the thick of ancient political struggles that have carried over into modern times. Her ability to manage everything that is thrown at her with aplomb, panache, and more than a little snarky sass is one of the things I have enjoyed most about my time with her. This is NOT a young woman who sits by and waits for things to happen to her. True, she often finds herself complicating her own life (and that of her loyal team of compatriots) by doing so, but she never shirks from her responsibilities (real or perceived) and her willingness to muscle through even when things seem stacked impossibly against her is what generates much of the tension and delight in this series for me. Inheritor of a legacy she never knew existed, let alone played a part in, she manages to right wrongs both ancient and contemporary this time ’round, and she does so through her unique blend of frustrating independence and compelling interconnectedness. She’s a formidable ally AND foe – a lesson that has been drilled into the brains of every character she has encountered throughout her journey.

I continue to find the intermingling of various lesser-explored mythologies fascinating, as well as to be impressed by Sasinowski’s ability to craft a highly original yet reflective mythology of his own. This, coupled with his ability to spin a compelling tale that feels at once timeless and timely, is one of the hallmarks of this series to my mind. There’s something for everyone – political intrigue, family and relationship drama, mythology, coming of age, fantastic creatures, action and adventure – and its all melded together into a story that feels utterly and completely coherent and cohesive. That’s no small feat and a testament to the author’s talent at creating worlds and characters and then knowing just how much can be thrown at them to maximize tension without ever sacrificing the story’s integrity. It’s a magnificent feat, particularly given how involved this world is and how carefully the tale is spread out over three books.

I was delighted by the author’s daughter’s afterword, which alludes to future books set in this wholly original and utterly compelling world – prequels, side tales, sequels… The possibilities are as boundless as Alyssa’s ability to sniff – and snuff – out trouble and I for one hope we get to visit many of them!

Thanks to M. Sasinowski for introducing me to Alyssa, the Rathadi, the Society, and all of the individuals who have populated this imaginative tale – and for my obligation-free review copy. If you haven’t read the series yet, definitely pick them up in order – this is a complex world and its enjoyment is vastly enhanced by following things as they roll out…

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