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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 25 books toward her goal of 175 books.

Book Review: Angelina’s Secret by Diane Merrill Wigginton

The man had never done anything to truly offend me, except sharing his views of the woman’s role in society…

This was an enjoyable historical romance, by a talented and delightful author. I do not normally review romance. I do, however, routinely review (and enjoy) historical fiction, and when Ms. Wigginton approached me about a review by emphasizing the latter over the former, I agreed to take a look. I am quite glad I did – she has an engaging, easy-going writing style that I quite enjoyed. And she spins a clever tale, to boot!

The eponymous Angelina is a marvelous heroine, full of spit and vinegar in all the best possible ways. She finds herself enmeshed in a rather startling amount of drama and (mis)adventure for a proper young lady – which is a quality I rather admire in proper young ladies. Her battle to control her own life and destiny is managed with aplomb and more than a little cheek, and makes for an entertaining tale. My one criticism is that she occasionally seemed a little too willing to drop all of her strongly-held perspectives on women’s rights when confronted by a pair of strong arms… Still, the heart wants what the heart wants I suppose – particularly in a book that is, admittedly, a romance.

Speaking of which – there is, of course, a fair amount of bodice ripping (albeit tasteful) and staring into one another’s [insert adjective here] eyes. But Diane did not steer me wrong – this is at least equally a piece of historical fiction and a mysterious adventure one at that. While I admit I did read a little more quickly when the romance element took over, I was always returned to the *main* story without undue distraction or delay. And the second half of the book is really much more adventure/quest than anything else. All in all this was an enjoyable tale and Angelina and her compatriots are worthy of a look!

My review copy was provided by the author. My review was, as always, entirely my own.

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