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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 25 books toward her goal of 175 books.

Book Review: Seashells, Spells and Caramels by Erin Johnson

What a delightfully fun read this was! I was contacted by the author, Erin Johnson, and asked if I wanted to review her book that was “filled with magic and murder mystery, but with a fun twist of being set in an enchanted town, and featuring romance, baking and lots of humor.” I had a vacation coming up, and it sounded like a perfect beach read, so I happily agreed. Boy am I glad I did – the book delivered exactly as promised!

Poor Imogen just wants to bake. She’s stuck in a job she doesn’t particularly like (medical billing, eek), the latest in a line of similar jobs that she’s held over the years while she scrimped and saved every penny in the hope of opening her own bakery. Just as it is finally in reach – after a truly spectacular save she pulls off for her rather persnickety boss – tragedy strikes (in an unbelievable – yet ironically funny even in its tragedy – fashion, which is only funny because you just *know* something magical will come from it). It looks like Imogen is literally back to square one (if not, in fact, further than that). But of course, this is a sweet magical story, so the steps backward actually propel her forward into a most lovely adventure that has everything you could want in a beach read: fair maidens, a magical quest for redemption, secret identities, a handsome prince, and some truly dastardly villains. And, of course, baking – lots of delectable baking.

The world-building here is really creative. The characters are cute and cover a variety of supernatural/romance tropes – but with some unique twists that keep them fresh and entertaining. The bad guys aren’t hard to peg, but that doesn’t affect the enjoyment of their reveal – or the foiling of their plans. This was a very fun book, and I am definitely putting the sequel (Black Arts, Tarts, and Gypsy Carts) on my TBR list for my next vacation – physical OR mental!

My review copy was graciously provided by the author.

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