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2018 Reading Challenge
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Mr. Time is Not My Friend – Unfortunately, He is in Charge Right Now…

It’s true. He’s very mean, very selfish, and very demanding – not qualities I look for in my friends. He’s never around when I need him, runs away at the first sign of difficulty, and quite often stands in my way. Unfortunately, he’s in charge of my life these days.


I wish he was nicer, more giving, more willing to share. It would be wonderful if he would, just once, voluntarily help me out – without my having to beg. I’m not optimistic though. We’ve been together for a long time now, and I just don’t think he’s going to change. I want to leave, I really do – but I don’t know how. It’s the only co-dependent relationship in my life, and it’s killing me…


Okay, seriously. I am in a bit of a war with Time. He refuses to cooperate (hm, much like Charlie – when did it become open-season for rebellion against Jill Elizabeth?! Harrumph.) or to listen to reason: he insists on racing by, despite my frantic (and admittedly pathetic and pointless) requests that he slow the heck down. Grr.

I am trying to finish the major hurdle of the first full section of the Work In Progress. I am trying to finish the last bits of home improvement work that fall under my jurisdiction. I am trying to finish reading three really good books. I am trying to finish blog posts for this week. I am trying to finish the annoying household tasks that, like the proverbial bad penny, keep turning up (namely: laundry and dishes). I am trying to finish the last of the old Nancy Drew computer games so I can start (and then finish) the newest one. And that’s just the morning list. Yet Time keeps speeding merrily along, la la laaaa, no time to stop, sooooo sorrrrry…. It’s enough to drive a girl to drink. (Mmm – that reminds me: the new bottle of red wine from The Husband for Mother’s Day is sitting on the bar. Perhaps that’s something I’ll try NOT to finish this morning. Teehee.)

There are three new book review requests in my email today. I keep having to tell people individually that I’m on hiatus and can’t accept their books for review, which makes me feel bad, because once I’m finally done I will want people to take the time to review my book. But I still have to do it – Time leaves me no alternative. I have six chapters of The Writing Buddy’s WIP to read/review/comment upon. This is something that I really enjoy, but only when I can do so leisurely, reading once for flow and then once again for line-edits. I have to get a big ol’ chunk of my own writing done today too. So it’s time for Time to stop screwing around with This Girl and start slowing down in a BIG way. Because it’s already 8:40, and I have a lot to do! πŸ™‚

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