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On the Randomness of Writing…

So things have been going swimmingly lately (to borrow one of Step-Daughter’s favorite words and the only adverb she or her brother ever use when we play Mad Libs), writing-wise. Hooray for me. Seriously. I finally seem to have hit some sort of stride – I am focusing on ONE concept, although, teehee, the short-attention-span thing is still in great shape, because while I can honestly say that I am working on one storyline, I’m occasionally taking time out of the major Work In Progress to write bits of the two sequels I already have planned. And yes, I do fully grasp the ridiculosity (Jillism!) of working on multiple sequels to an as-yet unfinished book. Ah, the paradoxical nonsense that is my life…

In thinking about that (and updating Writing Buddy on my WIP concept and progress to-date), I started thinking about the randomness of writing. I have spent the past year writing on and off – blog stuff and book reviews, mostly, it seems, with occasional productive phases on the short-story front and bursts of activity on the myriad collection of story/novel ideas I’ve been collecting for the year or so before I started actually putting pen (keyboard) to paper (screen). Net result: 11 WIP (seriously) of what I anticipate will be novel/novella length and 20 short stories (about 3/4 of which have appeared on my blog – or as guest posts on someone else’s). Nearly all of these things are in what I would call the brain-dump stage – only 2 (and soon to be 2 more) of the stories are what I’d consider “done”.

That’s great, don’t get me wrong. I’m pleased as punch that I have such a collection of stuff to work with. I used to complain about so many WIP, but I guess it’s actually not a bad thing that I have that many ideas that are fleshed out enough that I know they have novel/novella potential. There are also still a slew of ideas I really like that haven’t made it past the brief-blurb phase – so apparently, coming up with ideas isn’t my problem. But I knew that already – as did you, if you’ve been paying attention (and by “paying attention” of course I mean “listening to me whine about my inability to finish things”).
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