2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Jill Elizabeth has read 5 books toward her goal of 265 books.

Book Review: The Perils of Being VamPixie by PJ Schriever

Here we go again – another book review! Today, we’re traveling in the Young Adult world, visiting an alterna-land full of vampire/pixie hybrids in The Perils of Being VamPixie. My review copy was graciously provided by the author, PJ Schriever.

The Perils of Being VamPixie is a darling-cute story about Lucy, a sixth grade girl who feels lost in her own life after her father abandons his family to start a new one during her summer vacation. As her mind wanders during class one day, Lucy sees a strange creature outside the classroom window. Following that vision, Lucy stumbles upon the world of the VamPixies – a vampire/pixie hybrid clan that lives in the world Xiemoon. The VamPixies have sworn off of blood (they subsist on sugar) and violence (their loyalty oath proclaims them dedicated to truth, bravery, and friendship).

A prophecy, mysterious origins, stowaway friends, shape shifters called Formlings, secrets and talismans – Xiemoon is a complicated place, and Lucy is never entirely sure where everyone’s loyalties lie. As she navigates the world of the VamPixies, Lucy – and the reader – are also never entirely sure what is real. Schriever manages to have Lucy travel between worlds and between dreams and her “real” life in such a way as to leave everyone – readers included – just a little off kilter.

The writing is smooth and easy. The story is simple and entertaining, with a few lessons on friendship, loyalty, and integrity thrown in for good measure (and without appearing too direct or heavy-handed). This is one that kids are likely to enjoy. As an adult who reads YA fiction on a semi-regular basis, I must admit that I found it a little less complex than I tend to prefer. That isn’t mentioned as a failing of the book, mind you, just as a statement about me as an adult reader – the book was delightfully written for its audience.

Parents can feel comfortable knowing that there is nothing situational or linguistic to worry about in the story or writing. This is a good one to recommend to a reluctant reader – it reads smoothly and easily, and Lucy’s journey from feeling like an outsider to feeling more confident in her own skin offers a positive message in a non-threatening and non-condescending way.

The book sets itself up for sequels nicely, so I suspect we will see more about Lucy… And good, I say.

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