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Holidays are Here, HOORAY! (Part 1 of 2)

It’s that time – time for holiday gift shopping!  Hooray!  Let me state right up front so there are no misconceptions – I LOVE present shopping.  I have been a very good (I think, and hope they’d all agree!) sister, daughter, auntie for many years.  Well this year I also get to be a good step-mom, and I’m even more excited to go shopping as a result!

I’m going to organize this into two parts.  The first will be book gifts, and I will do my best to include something for everyone, and will even specify which element of everyone I think the given book applies to.  The second, which will run on Monday (December 5) will be book-related or book-themed gifts, and again I will try to cover the spectrum of gift recipients.  Of course, if you have some really bizarre second-cousin twice-removed who likes NASCAR and the musical stylings of a kazoo band, I can’t make any promises.  But I will do my best…  (teehee)
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