2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Dad is Great, He Gives Us Chocolate Cake… and a Free e-Book!

So, last week I gave you an homage to bad dads, as my prelude to Father’s Day. Today, I’m giving you the counterpoint: books about great dads (and later this week I will conclude the trilogy with a little poetry, so check back!). If you didn’t catch the reference in today’s title, it’s to a fabulous, classic comic skit by Bill Cosby, in which he gives his kids a treat (chocolate cake for breakfast) and they reward him with a fabulously catchy and fun song. If you are not familiar, it is hilarious and not to be missed!

There are not a ton of great dads featured in literature, any more than there were a ton of great moms – but they do exist and here are a few of my favorites:

  • Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) – How can you not love Atticus Finch and want him for your dad? He is the consummate super-dad: raising his kids by himself, defending the downtrodden, teaching his kids the importance of values and human life, even taking care of rabid dogs. And I challenge anyone who has ever seen the movie to tell me that they don’t hear Gregory Peck’s voice/see his tall, rangy form in their head when they read the novel… Talk about an instance of perfect casting – Peck always seemed to me to embody all of the strength (of character, of physical form, of jaw) of a character like Atticus.
  • Captain Crewe in A Little Princess (Frances Hodgson Burnett) – Who wouldn’t love a father that brings you treasures from his adventures around the world and sets you up with everything your young heart could desire – including unconditional love? It is of course the great tragedy of the story that poor Sara does not get to keep her father, and winds up under the not-so-tender ministrations of Miss Minchin, who goes noticeably cold and harsh once the Captain’s money dries up… Fortunately for Sara, she gets saved by another great father figure in The Indian Gentleman – so this one gives you two great fathers/father figures for the prices of one!
  • Mike Jack in The Actor and the Housewife (Shannon Hale) – This is one not everyone may be familiar with, but trust me: Great Dad. The story is a very thought-provoking one, about the nature of friendship between men and women, notably married men and married women. Mike is the husband of the eponymous Housewife. He is a kind, sweet, thoughtful, caring, considerate, wonderful bear of a man, who adores his children and his wife. Throughout the story he puts up with a tremendous amount of (completely unintentional) grief from his wife as she transitions from traditional Mormon stay-at-home wife/mother to the author of a screenplay that is being made into a movie starring the biggest male lead of the day (as well as the new best friend of said male lead).

Fiction is not the only place to find great dads though. The real-world has more than a few as well, and the generous folks at the Amazing People Club have again offered a free e-book to tell you about one. For those of you who missed the Mother’s Day e-book giveaway, and may not be familiar, the Amazing People Club is an organization founded in 2006 by psychologist and management leader Dr. Charles Margerison to create a new way of learning about people who have changed our world and inspired others with their achievements.

Most people are aware that Thomas Edison was a Father of Invention (hello electricity!). What most are probably not aware of (I was not either, so don’t feel bad), is that Edison was also a great dad – to six, count ‘em, six, children. In this e-book, available below, you can follow Edison’s path from struggling student to the man responsible for bringing us electric light and power.

Click here for the free Thomas Edison e-book.

I hope you enjoy the free e-book, and that reading about Edison and the other great dads on here makes you think a little about the role of dads in your own life (remember, a dad doesn’t have to be a blood-relation… just ask Sara Crewe) and your own writing. Dads deserve a little recognition every now and again – even if they won’t/don’t usually ask for it (Hi Rick! J), so throw ‘em an extra hug if you get the chance! And stay tuned later this week for a little spot o’ poetry in honor of my own father (and dads everywhere)…

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